Snow- and icesculpture

In 1989 I was invited to France, to assist Svend Christensen. To make a 64 m3. snow sculpture . It was the beginning of many years with thousands of tons of snow and ice. I no longer have any idea about the number. In 2005, I figured that I rounded the 30 ice and snow sculptures. In 1995 I made my previous largest snow sculpture, it was on Hokkaido east of Japan's mainland, 72 m3.

Today I produce ice blocks in various sizes, from 125 kg. to 500 kg .. Blocks of ice which I include sell to other artists. There is also firms and artists who have molded objects into the ice blocks etc..

I has won three international first prizes and a Artists prizes.

In 2002 I was invited by Agenda 22 and Køge Art Museum of Sketches to work with an ice sculpture full day. The Museum has photo documented the process.

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