Middelgrundsfortet located in Oresund and is a good one hundred years old military installation created as an artificial island in 7 meter of water.

In 1997 I received a call from Bjorn Hernes who had the brilliant idea to make an annual Land-art symposium on the island. He had to begin with wild ideas unfortunately also very expensive ideas.
The project was about to sink into the Sounds waves, but with a lot of work from Bjorn Hernes it was rescued. It's a lot of work to get: 10 m3. soil 17 giant oak trunks and an excavator + everything else on the island. All had to be sail in a ship which is able to lift things on land, big thanks to Bjorn Hernes.

Throughout July 1999, we moved onto the island. We were Bjorn Hernes, curator, Bengt Carling, Swedish multi-artist, Cip Soren Nielsen, sculptor and Helena Valorinta; artistic assistant.

Description of land-art project situetet at the Culture City, Copenhagen 1996 to follow soon on this page.